Bespoke e-Learning Development

 Looking for a bespoke eLearning  Developer?

This is where you’ll find cost effective and highly interactive e-learning with stunning imagery.


Our team of bespoke elearning developers are experts in creating highly interactive courses. All of the content we create is designed to maximise the knowledge retention of the learner. Each and every solution we provide comes loaded with corporate branding and an understanding of you company culture throughout the application.



So how do we do it?



The first step we take is to speak with our customers and understand the requirements of the project, it’s stakeholders, target audience, objectives and benefits to the learner. We’ll also help you with where this course fits into your overall training portfolio and identify any opportunities to market the material internally.


A very small portion of this phase is actually aesthetic or graphical design. Any bespoke elearning developer worth their salt will concentrate heavily on Instructional Design. If you have an existing storyboard one of our qualified Instructional Designers will work on the content to maximise it’s impact on user learning through interaction and the use of tried and tested e-learning techniques. If you are starting from content only then don’t worry, we can storyboard the course from scratch, sometimes from as little as a word document, or even script the course with one of your subject matter experts in a series of meetings.


Our expert design team will work with the highest quality graphics, audio and animation. Your bespoke e-learning developer will ensure that your package is created with care and a full understanding of the message which is to be relayed to the learner on each and every page. Regular updates and previews are given throughout.


Our products are rigorously tested before reaching this stage and it generally begins with one or more pilot groups within your organisation who try and test the product in it’s production environment. Of course all changes, tweaks and amendments are covered as part of the initial cost, we do not charge for this which is a unique feature of our service compared with other providers. All of our courses are delivered as SCORM compliant packages in Flash or HTML 5 technologies and are mobile friendly.


Installing the product onto your LMS or indeed the FLS cloud is not actually the end of our product life cycle. The evaluation phase we recommend is just as important and detailed as the initial development. We can collect feedback from users, analyse statistics from usage and also arrange periodic reviews on how the content is performing over a defined period. You may even want to consider retrospective updates to the software based on this feedback.

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