Virtual Reality & 3D e-Learning

So you want your next e-Learning course to be exciting, engaging and most of all relevant to your organisation’s culture. But as you’ll be more than aware this isn’t quite enough for the majority of today’s audience. There is an expectation within e-Learning that you as an e-Learning creator should use current and emerging technologies to deliver content; keeping the audience engaged, interested and in receipt of the the wow-factor. The problem is that while engagement and targeted knowledge retention is still more than possible (or in many cases improved) development in the latest and most complex platforms is not something your team may have the time, expertise or budget to achieve.

Here at FLS our bread-and-butter is bespoke ‘Future Learning Systems’, it’s absolutely what we are all about and when something is second nature it becomes quicker, more efficient and much cheaper to produce. To give an idea, a simple intractive e-Learning game from FLS would not cost much more than a traditional 20 minute e-Learning course.

Our programming team eat 3D for breakfast and gamification for lunch (when fed) so it makes sense for us to show-off our interactive work right here on our website. The examples below are very simplistic in relation to what can be achieved and are intended to give an idea of the interactive world which is at your fingertips. Have fun!

Truly Cross-Platform; PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PS4 & More.

With our interactive e-Learning the possibilities are endless. It’s time to spice up your e-Learning delivery, not just the content, and with native support for more than 7 of the most popular platforms it’s time to get creative.

Click on the demo here to download our interactive sample and see how you get on. If you have an idea for your next e-Learning app and would like to discuss it with us please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quotation.

WebGL – No Flash, No Plug-ins!

The WebGL platform allows for stunning 3D games to be used natively within your browser. All you need is a modern web browser such as Chrome, FireFox or Edge with an up-to-date operating system. The full compatibility list can be found here . Packages like this can be used with SCORM through your LMS or simply delivered via a web-page.