Instructional Design

The most important step of any e-learning build is undoubtedly Instructional Design (or ID). This is the process of taking Subject Matter Expert (SME) content and restructuring it into a format which can be easily understood by both the end user and also the development team as they build the e-learning course.

Instructional Design is without doubt a specialist subject in itself and can be intricately complex, but to give an understanding we’ll take a quick look at the two main concepts used here at FLS.

Firstly consider a simple three-step process where a learner must do the following in order to improve:

Each of the steps here must be optimized fully to reinforce learning most effectively. To do this we use two famous ltheories, namely;¬†Bloom’s hierarchy of learning and Kolb’s learning cycle.

Bloom’s hierarchy of learning

Kolb’s learning cycle

We use the underlying principles of this neuroscience when creating e-learning courses way before any actual programming or multimedia development begins.

Once an instructionally sound storyboard has been constructed from raw SME content, we gain approval from the customer before beginning development.

For more information on Instructional Design Dr. Britt Andreatta has a short LinkedIn course dedicated to this subject here